• Synthetic Life Group
  • Reverend Tate
  • Charles Gershom
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Synthetic Life Group (SLG) is a collaboration of artists Charles Gershom and Reverend Tate. We create various sound works, video's, performances and installations. Our projects use various elements of new media, altered sound generators, common technology, and custom devices with in-house developed software. All of which are employed to initiate an instance with a performative state and intuitive sound generation.

A 'performative state' to us, is the mental and physical space we occupy when you make, create, build and record regardless of an audience presence. It involves inhabiting the moment allowing us the freedom to act without hesitation and with the absence of intrusion. Our project aims to illuminate this process, to allow the experience to be shared with others.

The SLG project is rooted in pairing the performative state with intuitive sound generation. When we record audio we respond to the moment, the sounds themselves and the environment intuitively. Installations, performances and videos all reflect this process, and result in the production of new experiences, performative layers, new mythologies and the creation of a body of audio ephemera.

Audio ephemera is our response to the audio product. We are less concerned with maintaining the status of our results, allowing us to expand and submerge ourselves in the processes we employ. Our sound sessions are all placed on soundcloud using their platform of public accessibility allowing anyone to enjoy. We do not dwell on the recorded tracks but move on to the next recording experience.

To facilitate the public understanding of SLG's audio material, we create video works which attempt to document the performative state. The video works have a distinct language of presentation that is influenced by science fiction, contemporary art practices and the evolving science & technology around us.

Collect all these elements together and Synthetic Life Group brings you a rich resource of sound and vision, that explore the moment in which they are made and used to derive enjoyment.

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